Mar 21, 2011


Because golf is essentially self-regulating game, all golfers should have a good understanding of basic rules which are contained in this guide. However, this guide does not replace the Rules of Golf, to be contacted in case of any doubt.

For more information on the questions outlined in this guide, please, to complete rules of golf.

Before the beginning of the round:
- Read the Local Rules on the score card or on a stand
- Put the ball on an identification mark. Many golfers play the same brand of ball, and if you can not determine ownership of its goals, it will be lost (Rules 12-2 and 27-1)
- Count your clubs are allowed to have a maximum of 14 clubs (Rule 4-4). During the round:
- Do not ask advice from anyone except your partner (ie a player on your team) or your Caddy. Do not give advice to anyone except your partner. But you can ask questions about rules, distance and position of obstacles, flag, etc.
- While playing on the well prohibits any training strokes (Rule 6-6) At the end of the round:
- In match play, ensure that the outcome of the match is fixed
- The game is on the account, make sure that the score card is fully discharged, and return it as soon as possible (Rule 6-6).

Dec 22, 2010

History of Golf

Of course, we known that golf, in the form in which we know it today first appeared in Scotland. Scots have played an early form of golf - you take a stick, beat her on the ball, there is thus moving the ball from the starting point to the final pole fewest blows - by mid-15 th century.

And indeed, the earliest mention of golf belongs to King James II of Scotland, who in 1457 issued a decree banning golf and soccer. James complained that the game distracted him from training archers. James III in 1471 and James IV in 1491 and issued their orders, repeating a ban on golf.

However, the game continued to grow in Scotland for centuries and decades, until in 1744 in Edinburgh did not appear the first known written rules of the game of golf.

Golf, which played then easily able to find any modern golfer. But can we say that the Scots "invented" golf? Not really, because there are strong evidence that the Scots have influenced the earlier forms of gaming, in fact, very similar to golf.